I am done I AM DONE

Big Queer Anti-Wedding
12noon, Wednesday 6th September 2017
Leeds Music Hub
Landing Party 2017, Leeds Beckett University

As part of my MA Performance, Artist Project Major module

I did my final assessment this week, a viva (my first ever) on Thursday with Joseph and Alex. I got to womble on about my awesome piece and answer some questions (with varying success…).

I have finished I AM DONE i might have an MA bitches!

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Poster design by Cherry Holahan

Solo performance event

8pm, Tuesday 20 June 2017, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Choreographed and performed by Virginia Kennard

Artist mentor Grace Surman

Soundtrack mixed by Betty Lightbulb

Poster design by Cherry Holahan

Self Love is a Revolutionary Act will premiere at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, 13 June 2017 (ignore the outdated cast list).

My MA class at Leeds Beckett is taking a piece called Supermarket Love as part of the Festival module and i submitted my choreography as an extracurricular project, having been messing in the studio since December 2016.

The work features  Lucy Aspinwall and Eleanor Greasley (Year 2 students, BA (Hons) Dance), Chloe Hall (Year 3 student, BA (Hons) Performance), and Melanie McCabe (Year 3 student, BA (Hons) Dance), from Leeds Beckett University, as well as myself (playing the banjo, thank you Tom Steer!). There are mash-ups by Betty Lightbulb, movement material made by Lucy, Eleanor, myself, as well as in-process dancers Maria Popova and Gregory Wareing, and text by myself and Chloe. There is singing, dancing, running, ranting, jumping, and a relentless taking up of physical and aural space.

International artist baby!