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Photo taken by Gillian Dyson-Moss

On Tuesday 6 December 2016 i completed my first performance assessment for my MA in Performance – a 30 minute live art piece called Were you smitten? [working title] or Do you find me sexyqueering space and feminising time, for my Artist Project Minor module.

On Tuesday 13 December i will be presenting a 15 minute talk about my performance. You can read the full text here.

I quite enjoy talking about my work but i am also perfecting my skills at procrastination. I have made mustard, chutney, mayonnaise this weekend, plus did my glass recycling, took my clothes to be fixed and borrowed a vacuum cleaner from my neighbour.

The crux of my discussion is about TAKING UP SPACE. Aural, visual, physical, political.

Where i go to from here is influenced by val smith’s This Cloud is Queering! in terms of queering space, as well as Beth Carol Roberts’ thesis Neither Fish nor Fowl: Imagining Bisexuality in Cinema in terms of investigating spatio-temporal relationships of bisexual spaces.


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