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Sibiu International Theatre Festival

Self Love is a Revolutionary Act will premiere at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, 13 June 2017 (ignore the outdated cast list).

My MA class at Leeds Beckett is taking a piece called Supermarket Love as part of the Festival module and i submitted my choreography as an extracurricular project, having been messing in the studio since December 2016.

The work features  Lucy Aspinwall and Eleanor Greasley (Year 2 students, BA (Hons) Dance), Chloe Hall (Year 3 student, BA (Hons) Performance), and Melanie McCabe (Year 3 student, BA (Hons) Dance), from Leeds Beckett University, as well as myself (playing the banjo, thank you Tom Steer!). There are mash-ups by Betty Lightbulb, movement material made by Lucy, Eleanor, myself, as well as in-process dancers Maria Popova and Gregory Wareing, and text by myself and Chloe. There is singing, dancing, running, ranting, jumping, and a relentless taking up of physical and aural space.

International artist baby!

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