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Poster design by Cherry Holahan

Solo performance event

8pm, Tuesday 20 June 2017, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Choreographed and performed by Virginia Kennard

Artist mentor Grace Surman

Soundtrack mixed by Betty Lightbulb

Poster design by Cherry Holahan

Photo taken by Gillian Dyson-Moss

On Tuesday 6 December 2016 i completed my first performance assessment for my MA in Performance – a 30 minute live art piece called Were you smitten? [working title] or Do you find me sexyqueering space and feminising time, for my Artist Project Minor module.

On Tuesday 13 December i will be presenting a 15 minute talk about my performance. You can read the full text here.

I quite enjoy talking about my work but i am also perfecting my skills at procrastination. I have made mustard, chutney, mayonnaise this weekend, plus did my glass recycling, took my clothes to be fixed and borrowed a vacuum cleaner from my neighbour.

The crux of my discussion is about TAKING UP SPACE. Aural, visual, physical, political.

Where i go to from here is influenced by val smith’s This Cloud is Queering! in terms of queering space, as well as Beth Carol Roberts’ thesis Neither Fish nor Fowl: Imagining Bisexuality in Cinema in terms of investigating spatio-temporal relationships of bisexual spaces.


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