Project Overview

to and fro

live art

Curated by Amelia Hitchcock as part of her Curatorial internship, this project was a weaving of multiple narratives, discordant and harmonious, without predetermined outcomes, An exploration of potential, of shifting frameworks and pushing boundaries, over six weeks 11 performance artists participated in a series of rolling residencies on site.

to and fro
Artspace, Karangahape Road, Auckland
July 11 – August 23 2014

As part of this residency, Virginia created and performed several explorative works:

  • speaking as a bodily act [working title], with soundscore by Emi Pogoni
  • it’s my period party and i’ll bleed if i want to
  • Diary
  • Team Management Workplace Personality Profiling
  • How do i look? [in process]

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