Project Overview

The Lady Garden

live art / naked

The Lady Garden is a performance installation of live naked women, involving audience interaction and exploring ideas of the sexualised lens with which we look at women.

Performance seasons include:

  • Winter edition, Understudy bar, BATS Out-of-site, August 2014
  • Explicit: Implicit, The Porn Project, Auckland 2013
  • NZ Fringe Festival, Matchbox Studios, Wellington 2013
  • Debut season, Matchbox Studios, Wellington 2012

The Lady Garden was borne out of test performances entitled promiscuous makes an entrance, as part of S.A.M.P.L.E. (Some Artists Make Performance Laboratory Experiments), a year-long, Wellington-based, monthly performance art night curated by Alana Yee that has featured in Sydney and London since 2013.

Performers/participants include:

  • Bianca Beebe
  • Bronwyn Bell
  • Chrissy Massey
  • Emma Slee
  • Faye Tohbyn
  • Fern King
  • Hannah Beattie
  • Hannah Blumhardt
  • Jeremy Haxton
  • Jess Quaid
  • Jess Sloan
  • Jessica Ducey
  • Jillian Davey
  • Karyn Basher
  • Kathi Nettles
  • Kelsey Woodford
  • Kowhai Montgomery
  • Kristy McCormick
  • Lexie McConnell
  • Marika Pratley
  • Natalie Cheetham
  • Nicole Rombel
  • Sarah Jameson
  • Sofia Robinson
  • Soleil Launiere
  • Soumya Bhamidipati
  • Tams Martin
  • Tess Calogaras
  • Tessa Clews
  • Willow Newey
  • Yana Skaler

Photo credits: