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The Shimmy Skinny

dance writing

For the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 and 2011, Virginia was a reviewer for The Skinny‘s Fringe Festival dance publication The Shimmy Skinny, edited by Gareth K. Vile.

Under her own name and the pseudonym Betty Lightbulb, Virginia reviewed over 25 performances, including Where did it all go right?

Audience interaction refreshingly brilliant

There’s a big distinction in attitude towards entertainment or art in the contemporary dance scene: either with self-proclaimed artistes refusing to pander to their audience, and grasping onto their integrity to make their envisioned work, or others chasing career longevity by ensuring their work has commercial appeal.

This either/or decision has been trampled by the wonder that is ponydance Theatre Company, an Irish-based ensemble presenting quirky and commercial yet brilliantly contemporary-minded choreography to this year’s Dance Base offerings. Being accessible has certainly not jeopardised the sheer freshness and cleverness of this work.

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